Marati Quarter - Scandium

Vibrant new quarter in North Tallinn

Marati 4A, Tallinn


Have you ever visited Põhjala Factory in Kopli? That cool and ever-changing urban setting where inspiring events, festivals and musical performances take place all year round? Not to mention the phenomenal bakery Karjase Sai, Barbarea and kitchen café Kopli Köök.

a new living environment consisting of two large buildings, Marati Quarter will be completed right opposite the gates of Põhjala Factory by 2025! Trendy and elegant apartments, balconies facing the sea, a vibrant neighbourhood and charming small businesses. Can you see it in your mind’s eye?

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Marati Quarter is a modern introduction to the historic Põhajala factory area. Here you will find buildings with distinctive architecture. The first floors will house trendy offices and cosy boutiques. The upper floors will consist of 1-5 room apartments with up to 3 metres. The whole area will become an inspiring new urban space that enhances your quality of life.

While there are no new developments coming up in this area in the coming years – this is your opportunity!

Build your business where your people are

Põhjala Factory is known for attracting tens of thousands of people every year with its festivals, major conferences, charming cafés and shops. We invite you to establish your very own coffee shop, flower boutique, design studio or architecture firm right here, where so many creative people are going about their daily business every day!

The crystal-clad history of Marati Street

In 1932, the Glass King Johannes Lorup set up a glass factory on Marati Street. By 1935, Lorup controlled the entire Estonian glass industry with 180 employees working three shifts. In a matter of a few years, he brought the number of employees up to 500. The tycoon was well-liked by his employees and invested most of his profits in modernising and expanding production, recruiting foreign craftsmen and setting up a crystal department. Items bearing the Lorup trademark stood out due to the purity of the glass and the flawless quality of the finished work. No wonder then that the magnificent Lorup crystal decanters, champagne flutes and vases are still proudly displayed and used on many Estonian homes.

The graphics and design elements used in the interior of the buildings soon to be completed at Marati 4a will be our tribute to the inspiring former Glass King.

Expressive architecture

The new quarter at Marati 4a will serve as a gateway leading into the upcoming residential and business neighbourhood of the ambitious Bekker harbour district.

The complex along with the emerging residential and commercial environment is designed for informed individuals who appreciate the area’s existing qualities and added value.

The interior design is inspired by the bold industrial legacy of the building next door. The interior architecture was created by Galina Burnakova and Aet Grigorjev.

A location that improves over time

Kopli peninsula is a fast-growing part of Tallinn that attracts more and more bright minds by the day. The population is soaring and good progress has been made with infrastructure renovations (better roads and renewed parks). Residents and visitors can already take advantage of excellent accessibility options and make their way to Kopli either by tram, bus, car, bike or scooter.

The historic Bekker factory site has inspired great ideas and even greater deeds for generations.

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