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Scandium Energia AS invests private capital in green energy companies in the Baltics and Poland. Our vision is to grow through successful green energy investments. We also offer an opportunity to get early access to the success stories of the best companies in this fast-growing industry.

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Scandium Energia’s biggest investments today are:

1) Sunly, a rapidly growing renewable energy producer operating in the Baltics and Poland;

2) direct investments in green energy companies (until now Eleport, the creator of the charging infrastructure for electric cars);

3) Bolt, a technology company operating in 45 countries;

4) Scandium Energia and Scandium Kinnisvara solar parks.

In terms of volume, the largest of these investments (today nearly 70% of the total volume) is the holding in the Baltic renewable energy flagship Sunly. Today, the total capacity of Sunly’s solar and wind parks in operation is 164 MW; there are parks under construction with a total capacity of 167 MW, and within the year, it is hoped to have a total of 1,500 MW worth of parks under construction. The development of Sunly has been extremely fast, and the operational potential of the highly experienced team for the coming years is great. It is significant that Sunly is also a participant in one of the largest energy storage projects in the Nordic countries. The 500 MW capacity of this storage could cover almost half of Estonia’s electricity consumption for 12 hours.


In addition to productive parks, Sunly also invests in start-up companies whose field of activity is electrification. Startups with the goal of creating and implementing breakthrough technologies in the field of renewable energy and energy storage, battery technology, IoT, renewable energy enhancing technology, and smart city solutions are selected. These companies will probably grow into some of Estonia’s most successful sustainable technology companies with the greatest potential.¬†Startup investments include Skeleton Technologies, a global technology leader in energy storage; Solarstone, the leading Nordic manufacturer of solar panels integrated into buildings; Comodule, Gridio, BEAST, UP Catalyst, and more than ten other outstanding startups.


Bolt is an Estonian technology company whose mission is to make today’s car-centric cities more human-friendly. Bolt offers mobility services via the Bolt mobile app (taxis, electric scooters, electric bikes and car rental) and food ordering services via the Bolt Food mobile app.

Bolt operates in 45 countries and 400 cities in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. Bolt platform has more than 100 million users


Eleport has been one of the fastest-growing players in the industry since 2016. With the support of Gren (Partners Group), one of the world’s largest private capital investment managers, the mobility company Bolt and Skype, it is planned to invest more than 100 million euros in the coming years to cover all of Central and Eastern Europe with its charging network. Strong investments from the owner companies in the last six months ensure the rapid and competitive development of the company. Also, several large-scale transactions for the establishment of chargers in the Baltics, Poland, and other fields have also been concluded in recent months.


We own over 600 kW of solar parks with both direct-to-grid and direct-to-consumer solutions. The largest of them is the Nuumabaasi 11 solar park in Viljandi County, which opened at the end of 2022 and produced a total of nearly 420 MW/h of energy in 2023.


  • A definite investment focus – green energy
  • We invest at the best time – before IPOs
  • The focus is on market capture in the Baltics and Poland
  • Focus on investments that are inaccessible to private investors (minimum investment in Sunly10 million euros)
  • Excellent deal flow thanks to direct industry contacts
  • Cooperation with Scandium Kinnisvara for the development of solar parks
  • There is no fee structure


Green Tiger is a cooperation platform whose purpose is to raise environmental awareness and achieve a balanced economy in Estonia. Although we want our daily consumption decisions to be environmentally friendly, it is even more important for companies to make the right decisions considering the consumption volumes.

At Scandium, we really want our descendants to be able to fulfill their dreams in a beautiful and clean environment. That is why we are one of the founding members and big fans of the representative organization of the Green Tiger.


If you want to be a part of Scandium Energia's portfolio, contact our head of investor relations, Jaak Roosaare.

Jaak Roosaare

Member of the Management Board and Head of Investor Relations

+372 5804 0328