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Scandium Living

Scandium Living was born out of the need to offer a first-class rental service at a level that matches the inspiring rental homes created by Scandium. Today, Scandium Living is a capable manager and operator of residential rental real estate, whose team includes top specialists in the field.

Scandium Living’s rental homes are characterized by beautifully furnished apartments, excellent rental service, and a focus on creating a sense of community.


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Thanks to its strong background and experience in real estate development, Scandium Living is a good partner for finding new locations and projects to expand the rental housing portfolio. Everything from experience-based optimization of plans and concept development all the way to flowers-in-the-vase interior design solutions can be placed on the firm shoulders of the Living team. If you want to find a partner to manage your rental portfolio that you can be sure of, contact Scandium Living’s manager Hannes Tall.


In Scandium Living’s houses, you will be served by the best in their field, who will always help you find a solution. The versatile team has experience in real estate development, construction, administration as well as top-class hotel customer service. As a professional service provider, Scandium Living is able to guarantee stability and quality unparalleled to what individual landlords can offer.


Everything you need for life is already present in your rental studio. Studios and lofts of the Living are furnished with everything you need for life. You have a private bathroom and kitchen, modern furniture, and details that create coziness. Wi-Fi is a fundamental right in our houses.


Why live in a normal house when you can live in a Living house?

We believe that an inspiring environment and people with bright eyes will give impetus to all your activities. That’s why we help build a community and connect like-minded people. In this way, there is much more to every Living house than just living space. And the living space even expands rapidly beyond the walls of your rental studio.


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