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Scandium was born out of the practical need for small apartments, which would be good to live in for the residents and profitable for the investors to own. We still believe that living space can be inspiring and encouraging, because content and possibilities are more important than space.

Already in the early years of the company, we introduced the rental house and co-living concept to the Estonian market. Since we are inspired by the idea of ​​a greener or 15-minute living environment, where everything is at hand, when we are planning a new area, we ask ourselves what opportunities there are for spending time with loved ones, taking care of health and thinking big thoughts.

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By creating inspiring homes and office space, we create an environment where people are more likely to achieve their goals and thereby live better lives. We consider energy efficiency to be very important in development, as our goal is to move past the near-zero energy building. As environmental sustainability and CO2 reduction are close to our hearts, we also encourage our partners to break the boundaries and come up with new solutions.

If we succeed in solving a problem that has plagued the specific region for some time already, there will be significantly more winners in real estate development than just the users of specific buildings. We have built a whole company according to these principles.


The financial literacy and safe investment of the Estonian people are close to our hearts. You first need capital to buy a dream home. Creating rental real estate and making it available to small investors has been our impetus since the early years. We sincerely believe that real estate can be a part of the pension pillar or an alternative to nine-to-five jobs. We are proud that a large part of our team are also small investors in their private life.

Kalle Aron

Founder and Innovation Manager

Jaak Roosaare

Founder, Partner and Investor Relations

Carmen Pissarenko

Head of Product Development and Sales Department

Greta Lüiste

Head of Marketing and Communications Department

Rain Aksiim

Head of Development Department

Eliise Evartov

Marketing Specialist and Office Manager