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Rental property development

The best rental properties are the ones in which you would be happy to live, which you would want to manage yourself and keep in your portfolio. These are the kind of apartments we develop.

Creating comprehensive rental buildings

In intensifying competitive situation, the key to finding a good tenant is standing out. It is also important to offer a functional apartment in an outstanding house. Our goal is to give our houses a story and this story starts already on the street in front of the house. Thanks to the long-term market experience, our houses have common areas, smart locks and are energy efficient.

Real estate investment

Rental real estate is our passion. We really believe in our projects and will therefor be your neighbours in our houses. We are constantly thinking of ways to further refine our buildings and do it successfully thanks to our comprehensive in-house team, which includes both designers, developers and construction team.

Looking for a home or good investment property?

About us

Scandium Real Estate is a professional property developer which specialises in developing nifty smaller apartments and rental buildings that would be a perfect addition to an investor’s portfolio.

Our projects focus on implementing new technology which can make the lives of our customers more comfortable and cost-effective. We put a great deal of effort into making sure that our apartments generate a profit for investors during every period in the economic cycle. We also strive to ensure that the same apartments also conserve energy for their future residents and that they are comfortable.

We select our projects by keeping in mind excellent locations, stable productivity levels, and durable materials. The company’s owners and managers have more than ten years of experience in owning and managing residential rental premises. As such, we pride ourselves in our ability to create well-designed rental houses that we would be pleased to sell to investors or even to own ourselves.

Maido Lüiste

Maido Lüiste

member of the board / CEO
+372 5905 7465
Kalle Aron

Kalle Aron

member of the board / business development manager
+372 5804 0589
Jaak Roosaare

Jaak Roosaare

member of the board / investor relations and counselling
+372 5804 0328
Maia Lõsko

Maia Lõsko

sales manager
+372 5805 1107

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, whether they be related to investing in property, cooperating with us at a business level, or applying for a job. We look forward to hearing from you.


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