The corner stone was laid for the development of the Century – Marienholm

On April 11, the  corner stone was laid for Haapsalu major project Marienholm. The Marienholm development will create 150 new apartments on a separate peninsula in Haapsallu, boat bridges that flow into the sea, and a public park area. In addition, a new top SPA hotel, a small marina and a restaurant are planned for the peninsula. The project is being developed by Scandium Kinnisvara and built by Mitt & Perlebach.

The cornerstone of the first stage of the project was laid by Haapsalu Mayor Urmas Sukles, Scandium Kinnisvara manager Maido Lüiste and Mitt & Perlebach’s Marienholm project manager Mihkel Mager. In the first phase, five buildings with 50 apartments will be built on the peninsula, which will be completed in the spring of 2025.

Maido Lüiste, CEO of Scandium Kinnisvara: “Marienholm’s biggest feature is its location. A long peninsula with a kilometer of coastline on either side right next to the buildings. This is a special location both in the sense of Estonia and the whole of Europe. It is only a 10-minute walk from here to the main street of beautiful Haapsalu.”

“It should also be remembered that Marienholm is the largest private capital investment in housing development in the history of Läänemaa. The implementation of such a project in Haapsalu requires a certain amount of courage and vision, which is not too much in the real estate market today. Our self-confidence is kept high by the high interest of customers so far, where half of the homes in the first phase have already been sold. We also keep in mind that buildings do not go up overnight, and when they are completed, the economic situation will most likely be different,” commented Lüiste.

The Marienholm development is located on the peninsula on the banks of Suure Viigi, which is surrounded by a 2.2 kilometer coastline. A new SPA hotel is planned for the beginning of the peninsula, a public park area in the middle and a marina and restaurant at the top.

The authors of the development are 3+1 architects under the management of Scandium Kinnisvara, KAMP office interior architects and Tajuruum landscape architects. The vision was developed by the What If placemaking agency. Marienholm’s co-investors include a number of well-known Estonian investors, such as investment advocates Jaak Roosaare, Marko Oolo and Kristjan Liivamägi. The first seaside apartments will be completed in the spring of 2025. Half of the apartments in the first phase have already been sold.

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