The Marienholm peninsula, which had been closed for decades, was officially opened by Scandium Real Estate

Yesterday, Scandium Kinnisvara opened a historical exhibition reflecting the region on the Marienholm peninsula/Krimm holm in Haapsalu. Krimmi holm has been a closed peninsula in the town of Haapsalu for decades. From now on, the restrictive gates have been taken away, and anyone interested can explore the peninsula on their own. The erected information boards tell about the dignified history of the holm and the new living environment that will emerge on the peninsula in the near future.

While exploring the exhibition, you can take a nearly kilometer long hike along the long peninsula. In addition to the information boards at the beginning of the peninsula, pieces of information can also be found on the high water tower and on the old barn at the top of the peninsula. An attraction in itself is the peninsula itself and its 360-degree views of the sea and the nearby beaches. The Museums of SA Läänemaa played an important role in preparing the content of the exhibition. The historical materials were put together by the museum’s researcher Kadri Laur. Jaanus Karilaid, chairman of the Haapsalu council, was also opening the exhibition.

The brightest moments in the history of the peninsula were in the 1860s and 1890s, when a powerful port was located here. The high-ranking guests who came to rest in the spa town of Haapsalu landed right here to spend the invigorating summer months in the beloved resort town. In the first half of 1900, the importance of the port faded and a powerful fish factory was established here. In the 90s, the fish factory closed its doors and so did the gates to the entire peninsula.

In 2022, Scandium Kinnisvara, which acquired the area, demolished the collapsing factory ruins. The construction waste was sorted and high embankments were formed from the stones to be reused in future construction activities.

In the coming years, a modern living environment will be built on the Marienholm peninsula with public areas for the public, such as a small harbor, a bathing place, a pier for SUP boards and a large park area.

The article was published on 10.04.2023 in Postimees Kodu section.

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