Scandium’s team planted a senses garden for the Tallinn Children's Home - Scandium

Scandium’s team planted a senses garden for the Tallinn Children’s Home

Scandium’s team planted a senses garden for the Tallinn Children’s Home

This spring, the Tallinn Children’s Home launched a project to create green gardens, within the framework of which they desired to create a senses garden for conducting educational activities and therapies in the Mustamäe unit. This is a home for children and toddlers with severe disabilities. The one-time project gave rise to a long-term collaboration for Scandium, in which the entire team is involved.

The Green Gardens project was initiated by the Tallinn Children’s Home to carry out educational activities and therapies with children living in the orphanage and to enrich their daily lives. Green gardens were also created at the family homes of Tallinn Children’s Home to offer the children the opportunity to experience in caring for seedlings and taste the fruits of their own labour when the berries and fruits are ripe. With the help of partners, Scandium helped to acquire the necessary seedlings, and together with the entire team, a large planting day took place in the Mustamäe unit.

Maido Lüiste, CEO of Scandium Real Estate: “Since the establishment of the company, we at Scandium have considered it important to give back to society. We value the principle that those who are doing well can find ways to make the lives of others better. Supporting children’s homes is an important activity, and we have made a long-term commitment to keep contributing to this cause. As real estate developers, we constantly see the important role of the environment in which people live. With the Senses Garden project, we were able to create better conditions for children with disabilities in the Tallinn Children’s Home and bring new positive emotions, the joy of discovery and therapy into their lives through the surrounding natural environment.”

Carmen Kukk, initiator of the project, Head of Sales and Marketing at Scandium Real Estate: „While visiting different children’s homes, we noticed areas where, by contributing our and our colleagues’ time, we can help make the lives of children brighter. Thus, from the very first days, a larger cooperation project was born out of the desire to help create a senses garden for the Mustamäe unit and green gardens for family homes. From our conversations picked up the everyday concerns of the homes and helped the team find solutions to them. We understand that the city of Tallinn is a great daily support for them, but we still have a lot to do. Thus, during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the support of our partners and thanks to donations, we collected almost 15 computers for home schooling and telephones for children who move independently, helped to buy bed linen, set up a shade for outdoor events, organize a flagpole at the family home and help the children take part in cycling practices. “

As part of the Senses Garden project, we received support from good partners. We would like to thank Juhani Puukool for supporting the cause with the purchase of quality seedlings. Many thanks also to Keila Technology Centre and FunRent, who supported making the outdoor area more practical with the necessary equipment and furniture. Lipuvabrik donated a long flagpole to the family homes, where children can now hoist the national flag for the flag days.

Katariina Kinnunen, Ketlyn Toomsalu, Ines Arna, Siret Saarsalu, the Public Health Academy, Interstudio OÜ, Volume Design Valgusreklaamid, Redgate Capital, Mihhail Jassinover, Kärt Udal, Tõnis Laasik, Andrus Lang, Kerli Triebstok and Kätlin Põder contributed to the collection of computers and telephones.


Thank you, dear partners, together we can accomplish more!

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