Scandium Real Estate develops a green high-rise in Tallinn - Scandium

Scandium Real Estate develops a green high-rise in Tallinn

Scandium Real Estate develops a green high-rise in Tallinn

Scandium Real Estate is developing a new office building, Scandium Park, at the intersection of Tallinn’s largest roads at Peterburi Road 1a. The 13-story building stands out for its innovative green technologies, raising the house’s energy class significantly above the A level. The office building is distinguished by the concept of mixed-use – in addition to the offices, the house will have plenty of recreational opportunities for employees, a gym, a restaurant, a green terrace, and an apartment hotel. The building permit for the building has been obtained.

According to Maido Lüiste, the manager of Scandium Kinnisvara, the representative building is intended for companies that want to be located in an environmentally friendly building with outstanding architecture on a main artery of the capital. “The Scandium Park high-rise building will be a landmark for visitors from Tartu, St. Petersburg, and Riga to Tallinn due to its very good location at the crossroads. Thanks to the surrounding low-rise buildings and high location above sea level, the house will have representative views of Tallinn Bay, the Old Town, the airport, and Lake Ülemiste.”

Scandium Park consists of two parts – a light-glazed 13-story building and a 5-story dark building. The house will have a total of 6,200 square meters of leasable space, of which 4,411 m2 will be offices and 1,600 m2 will be an apartment hotel. In addition to the offices, there are recreational facilities for employees on the first two floors of the building, yoga and gym, and a two-level restaurant. A spacious green terrace will be created on the sixth floor of the building. The apartment hotel with 52 apartments, operated by the experienced operator Nestin Rent, will be located on the sixth to the ninth floor.

In the development of the building, great emphasis has been placed on the development of various green technologies and taking them to new heights, without forgetting the well-being and comfort of the users.

Kalle Aron, Scandium Kinnisvara Innovation Manager: “As the founders of big fans of greenery and the Green Tiger, we have contributed a lot to make the building as environmentally friendly as possible. In addition to the usual solar panels on the roof of a high-rise building, we also cover the facade of the lower part of the building with solar panels. We amplify the produced green energy through an air heat pump, achieving an annual green energy production of the order of 170 MWh! This means that almost 60% of the cooling energy in the house itself is 100% CO2-free. The rest of the cooling can be obtained from the district cooling route of the building, which in the future will use the cold water of the Gulf of Tallinn as a cold source.”

“In addition, we have integrated a number of environmentally friendly and energy-saving solutions into the house. For example, the roof covering IKO Carrara cleans harmful greenhouse gases by neutralizing city air. We install Zypho heat exchangers in the piping of the shower rooms of the gym, which preheat the cold water with the help of used hot water. The underground parking floors come with electric car chargers as well as all the amenities for lovers of micromobility solutions – including a bicycle service station and shower rooms,” said Aron.

The designer of the Scandium Park building is the architectural firm Pluss, KAOS Architects is responsible for the interior architecture. The building permit for the building has been obtained, and the builder will be determined during the procurement in the coming months.

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