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A modern residential quarter rises at Luige

A modern residential quarter rises at Luige

Scandium Kinnisvara and Everaus Kinnisvara are developing a modern residential quarter consisting of 21 buildings at Luige. In the next two and a half years, 88 apartments will be completed in the large-scale development called Luige Homes, most of which are two-story terraced houses with a private garden. The heart of the area will be a community house where childcare facilities, a gym, and yoga hall, and a community garden with a greenhouse has been planned.

“Luige area near Tallinn is developing rapidly. Luige Homes will soon be suitable for families who dream of a larger home, a personal garden, and a close-to-nature living environment. Architecturally, this is an enjoyable quarter, where each building has its own face, but the overall picture is uniform, compatible and harmonious with the beautiful environment,” said Maido L√ľiste, CEO of Scandium Kinnisvara.

The quarter rising in the heart of Luige, located in the immediate vicinity of Tallinn, consists of eighteen two-story houses, where each building has four apartments with a private terrace and a garden. In addition, two apartment buildings, a walking promenade winding through the middle of the area, and a community building will be added to the quarter. The community building will accommodate childcare, sports facilities, and premises for spending time together. The quarter is being built by the experienced Everaus Kinnisvara.

Janar Muttik, Manager of Everaus Kinnisvara: “In addition to spacious plans, Luige Homes stand out with their energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and very good interior finishing materials. Energy-efficient geothermal heating is used as a heating solution for these A-energy class buildings, in addition to which we install solar panels on the roofs of all houses.”

“To ensure a good indoor climate, we use wood-aluminum windows in the apartments. The facade of the buildings has an environmentally friendly wooden lining. To encourage the transition to electric cars, we will add the readiness to charge an electric car to all apartments. When choosing ceramic tiles, the interior designer has preferred the products of state-of-the-art factories that honor green energy and sustainable production techniques,” Janar Muttik listed the green solutions used in Luige homes.

The first homes of Luige Homes will be completed in the autumn of 2023. The sale of apartments has started. The architects of the quarter are Olavi Kukk and Janar Blehner from Apex Arhitektuurib√ľroo and the interior architect is Lilia Kristianson. The builder is Everaus Kinnisvara.

Luige Homes webpage: www.scandium.ee/luigekodud/en