Mustamäe tower - Scandium

Panoramic views in the capital

Sääse 4 and 6, Tallinn

An urban 24-story tower house and a modern 6-story office building with a parking lot will rise in the historic Mustamäe region next to the Mustamäe Center. The tower house will have 212 functional one- and four-room apartments, which will also be some of the highest homes in Estonia.

Inspiring panoramic views of the entire Tallinn, Scandinavian design, airy glass balconies, and logistical comfort – all this soon in the house with the tallest homes in the capital.

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A new landmark for the entire Western Tallinn

Mustamäe Center, together with trade, restaurants, a cinema, and a sports club, is already a popular attraction center for the residents of the region as well as for more distant visitors. The unique tower house, which combines a complete solution of residential, commercial, and office space, further enriches the area and offers a unique opportunity to build a new cozy and safe home, where everything necessary for life is closer than ever.


The architectural competition which was organised in relation to the construction of a skyscraper in Mustamäe was won by the award-winning Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid. Their successful project entry will be used by the developer as the basis for the design of the overall building complex. The large glazed balconies, carefully thought-out layouts for the home, the panoramic views of the city, and plush common areas for residents will turn the future building complex into a high-quality living environment for those families which already reside in the area, as well as for others from farther away who are looking for a home.