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Trendy apartments in modern luxury

Narva mnt 40, Tallinn

When it comes to reconstructing historic buildings, it all starts with a history lesson, which helps us integrate the details of the era into the architectural solutions of the building. Thus, the elegant Avant-garde was born in Tallinn, where Maria von Stenbock’s Tallinn residence achieved new glory more than 100 years after its first opening. Today, the house has luxurious lobbies and lofts connecting two floors. The Avant-garde illustrates a situation where the high return desired by investors and the metropolitan style coveted by the tenants meet.

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91 Appartments
Ready in 2018 Autumn
Luxurious lobbies
Roof terrace
Smart lock
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The Avant-garde building was built at the beginning of the 20th century – at a time when Tallinn was known as Reval. The historic and magnificent building was once owned by Countess Maria Stenbock. The wealthiest citizens of Tallinn – nobles, businessmen, bankers, industrialists, scholars – lived in this dignified building. However, even then it was just a rental property.

In the first days of 2019, the glory of the tsarist glory of the building was restored. Guests are welcomed by the elegant, restored lobby with coffered ceiling and hall. In the building you will find a large selection of lofts and small apartments with high ceilings.

Trendy apartments in modern luxury


The Avant-garde is located at Narva Road 40, in the heart of downtown bustle, directly opposite Tallinn University. Entertainment, culture, and proximity to Kadriorg Park are just a short walk away. Thanks to the location and very good connection to the port, the airport and the old town, Avant-garde’s small apartments with a smart solution are suitable for both long-term and short-term rent.