October 9, 2019 Scandium in media

Scandium Real Estate has completed a virtual reality or VR solution that lets you move around apartments that have not yet been built. With the help of VR goggles, it is possible to visit future apartments and common areas, test interior decoration packages, and check the view opening from the house.

Virtual reality is an innovation in real estate that is changing the way we are used to buying apartments. Nearly 85 percent of apartments are purchased before the house is completed, often even before construction begins. It is difficult for a less experienced buyer to figure out from the layout what the size of the future premises will be, how high the ceilings will be, and what views will open from the higher windows. 

Scandium Real Estate is the first real estate developer in Estonia to offer a complete VR solution, enabling clients to examine their future apartments and lobby areas in Tartu DUO Lofts even before the beginning of the construction. The apartments built-in virtual reality corresponds exactly to the actual size of the apartments, the window has a real view, and the interior is made up of products that customers will be able to purchase for their apartments in the future. 

“Virtual reality has come to stay, and it was only a matter of time before it could bring real added value to real estate. It is true that the VR system is quite laborious and time-consuming to build apartments today, but the genuine emotion and customer confidence that the product they are buying is understood is worth it. In addition, it can be used very well in cases where the property and the client are located in separate cities. An investor living in Tallinn does not need to visit an apartment in Tartu, it is enough to come to our office, and with the help of goggles we can teleport him or her to a house in Tartu,” said Kalle Aron, CEO of Scandium Real Estate.

“The third big advantage is being able to test different interior finishing packages. While a small tile or parquet sample often makes it difficult for a customer to make a choice, in VR, one can compare different flooring materials in a particular apartment with the push of a button and test different tiling solutions in the bathroom. Staying in a virtual bathroom gives a much different look than just a 3D picture or a piece of ceramic tile, »he added.

Link to the news: https://kodustiil.postimees.ee/6803802/kinnisvaraturu-uus-kova-sona-muudab-korterite-ostuprotsessi-oluliselt-holpsamaks