Magma Studios

New generation rental house

Laki 24/2, Tallinn

In 2022, our new rental house Magma Studios will be completed on Laki Street, with which we will take the development of buildings especially designed for rental business to a new level. Thanks to the practical experience of our rental operator Nestin Rent with previous rental houses, we can design solutions that make management easier and more convenient later. The Nestin team is closely involved in the development process and will later have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labour themselves.

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We always want to offer the residents more emotions and leisure opportunities than the traditional apartment buildings can. We achieve this thanks to the well-thought-out and fun interior design and several additional leisure solutions in the general areas of the house. For example, Magma residents can use the 24/7 gym for free, invite neighbours to take part in a ping-pong tournament in the lounge area, or enjoy the sun on the loungers outside. There are more surprises but let them remain a secret for now!