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Green building

Green tiger

Scandium Kinnisvara is the founder of the Green Tiger representative organization and an ardent green fan. We believe that the real driving force in the Estonian economy is vigilant companies because making the right decisions for companies in terms of consumption volumes is even more important than at the individual level.

Green tiger in the green house

At Scandium Park, we take green thinking to a new level in terms of the whole country. We have encouraged all our partners working with the high-rise building, from designers to interior architects, to think bigger and bolder so that Scandium Park can become a model for a new generation of commercial buildings. We have come to incredible discoveries, from the amplification of green energy in the house through an air-water heat pump to the reuse of rainwater in various functions of the house. So, we have converted some skeptics into real fans of green technology.

Smart green solutions

The Scandium Park office building uses several environmentally friendly solutions to produce green energy. On the scale of the building’s energy class, the goal is to be at least 10% better than the A-class required in Estonia. We believe that we can supersede this goal.

The most influential green solutions in the building:

  • Solar panels on the roof and facade of a high-rise building produce 61MW/h of green electricity. (In the city, an electric car could cover 380 thousand km with it, i.e., drive almost ten times around the globe!)
  • Smart technical solutions increase the house’s green energy production to 170 MWh
  • 60% of the cooling energy is produced 100% CO2 free by the house itself
  • The rest of the cooling can be obtained from the district cooling route of the building, which in the future will use the cooling of the seawater of the Gulf of Tallinn as a cold source.
  • We use the residual heat generated in the production of cooling to produce domestic hot water and cover the spring heating demand (in total, these are 43 MW/H of energy that is recycled)
  • The roof of the house cleans the city air by neutralizing harmful greenhouse gases. We use IKO Carrera roofing.
  • We install Zypho heat exchangers in the piping of the shower rooms of the gym, which preheat the cold water with the help of used hot water. This saves 1kwh of energy with one 6-minute shower.

Bike friendly and energy efficient

  • The use of LED lights and demand-based sensors reduces power consumption by up to 50%
  • Bolt Drive parking spaces in front of the building – you can safely leave your car at home or not buy it at all.
  • Opportunity to charge electric bikes and scooters in front of the house and in the bicycle room.
  • All electricity purchased from the grid is produced from 100% renewable sources.
  • Feel free to come by bike – a warm bicycle house with lockers and showers is waiting.

A building bursting with green technology

At Scandium Park, we take green thinking to a new level in terms of the entire country.

Solar panels on the roof of the high-rise building
The dark facade consists of innovative solar panels
60% of the cooling energy is produced 100% CO2 free by the house itself
A special IKO roof covering cleans the air around the house, sequestering CO2
Zypho heat exchangers in the gym shower room preheat the water with the help of consumed hot water - a hot shower is achieved with significantly lower energy consumption