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Aparthotel Scandium Parkis helps to solve the accommodation worries of foreign specialists

One of the growth engines of the Estonian economy is foreign labor. Talented and experienced specialists from California to Tokyo are more and more interested in participating in the success stories of inspiring Estonian companies. This is good and useful for Estonia. Not only do our successful start-ups develop faster and further thanks to foreign talents. Specialists also leave us their knowledge, a significant amount of material resources and help to spread Estonia’s good image – all over the world.

Today we have reached a point where it is increasingly more difficult to attract talents to Estonia and keep them here, not because there are few competing jobs. There is a lack of dignified dwellings. Although the supply of rental apartments is at a record high, even today, it is difficult for a high-paid foreigner to find a suitable rental apartment. Local apartment owners prefer a person who speaks familiar Estonian to a different skin color, cultural and religious background.

The Scandium Park office tower is anticipating this concern. On the 6th to 9th floors of the building, fully furnished 1-3-room rental studios with all amenities will be created, which will be rented out by a professional host specializing in the management of rental studios – Nestin Rent. The rental apartment can be rented for a few days as well as for a significantly longer period, depending on the wish and need. Of course, Estonian specialists moving to the capital who want to live in one of the most modern buildings in the city on the artery of the capital are also welcome at the Aparthotel.

Ildiko Siimon, Head of Scandium Kinnisvara co-living and Nestin Rent

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