Interior finish

Interior Designer Lilia Kristianson

The interior designer is the ever tasteful and stylish Lilia Kristianson. Lilia created the interior design packages, lighting solutions and shared areas of Luige Homes. Lilia, who has over 15 years of experience, imbues her work with love and passion, which is reflected in her ever beautiful solutions.


BrightPackage 1

Bright is for people who appreciate Nordic minimalism and know that simplicity is where charm lies. The package consists of natural, soft colours that allow the rooms to shine brightly. Set against a backdrop of white and creamy colours, oak with its timeless pattern makes a home truly soft and cosy. The result is a modern and bright interior that works well with several styles of furniture.

BoldPackage 2

Black has always been one of the most stylish colours and it has its place in this package as well. The package is characterised by bold details and kaleidoscopic wall and floor tiles. The slightly eccentric solutions of Bold make the living spaces truly expressive and vibrant. At the same time, the package leaves enough space and freedom to play with colour in the interior.


ElegantPackage 3 (for additional cost)

Elegant, as the name suggests, is a truly tasteful and refined package that captivates with its sophistication. The colours here are lush and playful. Elegant brown and bronze colours create the atmosphere of a southern wine manor and the herringbone parquet flooring adds a luxurious finishing touch. So romantic and opulent you risk falling in love.

DuskyPackage 4 (for additional cost)

The Dusky Package is characterised by a serene atmosphere, dynamic patterns and soft, muted colours that harmonise well. The result is a stylish and contemporary interior that allows you to experiment with a little bolder colours in your home. The Scandinavian fresh colours of Dusky make time spent at home particularly calming.