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The Green Tiger (Rohetiiger) is a cooperation platform aimed at raising environmental awareness and achieving a balanced economy in Estonia. Although we want our daily consumption decisions to be environmentally friendly, it is even more important for companies to make the right decisions given their consumption volumes. At Scandium, we really want our successors to be able to make their dreams come true in a beautiful and clean environment. That is why we are one of the founding members and big fans of the Green Tiger representative organization. Below you can see how we have implemented the Green Tiger’s ideas in our developments.

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In 2019, we launched the first solar park on the roof of the SpaceCube building in Mustamäe. A year later, another solar park started operating on the roof of the bicycle parking lot of Newton Studios. The green energy produced in the parks goes largely into the energy consumption of the same houses, making up a significant part of the energy consumption of the houses and thus significantly reducing the CO2 emissions that would be produced by the consumption of conventional energy. In 2022, we established a large solar park with 1,288 solar panels in Viljandi County, the manufacture of which started in the spring of 2023. The maximum total capacity of the park is 0.5MW.

Exponential increase

In 2020, we produced a total of 22.8 MWh of electricity from the two solar parks. Thanks to the investment in the renewable energy company Sunly, we increased the production volume downright to 250 MWh by 2021. With this energy, an electric car could travel as much as 1.2 million kilometers, which makes nearly 30 circles around the globe. Awesome!