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The Green Tiger (Rohetiiger) is a cooperation platform aimed at raising environmental awareness and achieving a balanced economy in Estonia. Although we want our daily consumption decisions to be environmentally friendly, it is even more important for companies to make the right decisions given their consumption volumes. At Scandium, we really want our successors to be able to make their dreams come true in a beautiful and clean environment. That is why we are one of the founding members and big fans of the Green Tiger representative organization. Below you can see how we have implemented the Green Tiger’s ideas in our developments.

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We launched the first solar park on the roof of the SpaceCube building in Mustamäe in 2019, and the second one started producing solar power on the roof of the Newton Studios bicycle parking lot in 2020. In 2020, the two solar parks generated a total of 22 800 kWh of electricity, which is largely used by the same buildings, accounting for a significant share of energy consumption in buildings and thus significantly reducing CO2 emissions. In 2020, we saved 22 tons of CO2 or in other value – 579 trees were saved from being cut down. With this energy, an electric car could have travelled as much as 114 000 km. Powerful!


We consider waste sorting to be very important both during the construction phase and later. As a developer, we make sure our subcontractors pay increased attention to construction waste. We also create proper waste sorting facilities near the buildings. In our rental houses, we educate residents on how to sort waste and what benefits it brings.


The beautiful appearance of buildings is very important, but it is also important to reduce consumption. For example, we prefer water-saving sanitary ware, LED lighting solutions and as natural materials as possible.