Bekkeri Quarter

A creative centre in the port of Bekker

Marati 4A
Bekkeri quarter is the heart of Tallinn of the future, where a fantastic promenade with restaurants and cafés will be built in the near future. Scandium together with Restate real estate are going to build a beautiful quarter next to the Bekker harbour and Põhjala factory, which represents outstanding architecture, illustrating the historical area of ​​the Kopli Peninsula. Our neighbours are Põhjala factory with a former administrative building and a historic apartment building, where a dignified Johannes Lorup crystal grinding workshop operated during the first Estonia.
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In the quarter you will find trendy office space and retail space with high ceilings, as well as 1 to 4-room guest apartments with functional planning. The whole area will become a new and inspiring urban space, which will stimulate the quality of everyday life

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